Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another Map

While existing as a bored, empty shell in my present state of insomnia, I created yet another map. This time, Google gets all the credit for the software and instead of charting all the Manhattan Hospitals, I have plotted the only the trauma centers for the Five Boroughs.

The map is available for your perusal here.

Friday, June 01, 2007

A short hiatus...

The past several weeks were hectic. During this time I took a break from writing here, but also had final exams and GRADUATED COLLEGE!!! You didn't miss much since EMS-wise it's been pretty laid back -- sans the job where I found out 'mostly but not completely - unconscious' patients don't like having NPAs applied.

However, I'm out of NYC for a short while and back in my little town in Upstate New York. One of the more interesting happenings in this suburban locale was the 80+ y/o female, driving her car along one fo the town's roads and managed to wedge it nicely between a hill and the utility pole she cracked. My FD was called for an extrication, but essentially all we had to do was open the passenger door and yank her out, easier said than done since the car was pointed downhill at about 70 degrees. Not so bad, the pt wasn't injured but after she told us she was "trying to avoid all the mud all over the road..." (I turned my head and not only was there no mud on the road, but it was dry and clean as a whistle), we decided to ship her off to the ER. No harm done and the power company replaced the damaged pole. The next day (I KID YOU NOT!), we're toned out for a PIAA (personal injury auto accident) on the same road. Turns out it's the same pole struck. Let's just say the power company wasn't too happy. No injuries noted, but this 80+ y/o woman is c/o back pain, so she gets boarded and shipped out.

I hear new telephone poles are going for $1500 these days. I wonder if Medicare covers...?